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Lịch sử rượu Soju

Soju is an alcoholic beverage;Originated from the Korean Peninsula. The main ingredient is rice and almostalways associated with other ingredients, such as wheat, barley, sweetpotatoes, or tapioca. Soju is colorless and has an alcohol content of about 20%to about 45%, the 20% concentration is the most common. Contrary to somepeople's belief, soju does not contain mummies. Its taste is comparable to thatof vodka, although its taste is usually slightly sweet due to added sugars inthe production process.


From 1965 to 1991, to curb theshortage of rice, the Korean government banned the use of traditional sojudistillates from refined rice. Soju is thus produced primarily through dilutingpure ethanol with water and flavoring. Much cheaper soju is produced by thismethod. Soju is produced through dilution from ethanol called soju dilution,while soju is produced by distillation from rice then soju is distilled. TheKorean government has stipulated that diluted soju must be 35% lower. More than3 million bottles were consumed in South Korea in 2004.


Due to the availability of rawmaterials and low prices compared to other types of alcoholic beverages, sojuhas become one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Korea. However, otherbeverages like beer, whiskey, and wine are becoming more and more popular inrecent years.


Along with the mass-producedbrands; And popular in Korea, there are also many famous soju producing areasin the traditional way. Traditional soju liquor made in Andong is most famous.Soju is usually drunk in small, thick glasses.

Jinro is the largest sojuproducer with about 70 million barrels sold in 2004. The most popular sojubrand is Chamilsul, which accounts for a quarter of the market, TheCheo-um-cheo-reom brand (literally "like the first") of the Doosanfactory or Yipsejoo of the Bohae plant is increasing its market share.


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